Food Safety at TASIS

Each year TASIS hosts a number of food exhibitions on campus, and the School very much appreciates the willingness of parents and other guests to prepare delicious food for these popular events.

As food allergies and intolerances become increasingly common, the School kindly requests that guests go through the steps below before preparing any food that will be shared on the TASIS campus. These guidelines are also in place to prevent foodborne illnesses and infections.

  • Please review this document: “Five Keys to Safer Food.”

  • Please consult this document: “Substances that may cause allergies or other undesirable reactions.” Guests are asked to please print this document and circle items accordingly. (If guests do not have access to a printer, they can let the person in charge of the event know which ingredients their dish contains when they drop it off. The School will have extra copies of this document on hand and will help label it accordingly.)
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