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Daily Menu Options
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are available on a daily rotation.
  • Fresh baked bread (white and whole wheat on alternating days)
  • White rice are also always available
  • Salads and cold sides are available on the salad bar

Visit our Menu Items section to see a detailed list of items that are served on a seasonal, rotating basis. 

Fourchette Verte


Dining Information
DeNobili Dining Hall Hours
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  Mon-Thurs 7:15–9:00 11:15–13:30 17:45–19:00
  Friday 7:15–9:00 11:15–13:30 17:45–18:45
  Saturday 7:30–9:00 11:45–13:00 17:45–18:45
  Sunday 10:00–12:45

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