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Lawrence Weckbaugh PG '65-'66
Posted 07/13/2016 12:11PM

When you think about your time at TASIS, what immediately comes to mind?

Unique educational and social experience with exposure to cultures, politics, business, art, music, dance and European lifestyles that none of my domestic peers had the opportunity for the growth I uncounted due to Mrs. Fleming's vision, wisdom and passion for bringing the world to her students.

What was your favorite spot on campus?

The Villa [Villa Negroni]; every part of it was a beautiful historical home and school.

Tell us some of your best-loved memories.

Football (soccer) games in the park in Lugano with my new friends from the town who befriended me and invited me into their homes and into their families. These times were easily my best-loved memories, allowing me to live and love as a Swiss student.

Who were your favorite teachers?

Hands down it was Robert Morley, the actor and director whom Mrs. Fleming invited into school, bring weekly salons on the opera that he was reviewing and broadcasting for the BBC from Teatro alla Scala. I never would have had the opportunity to become an intimate acquaintance with this unique world talent if it were not for TASIS. His willingness to network me into the Lew Grade Organization after graduation for employment was a paramount experience for me.

Describe your life today. How did your time at TASIS impact your life since graduation?

Becoming an artist and builder/designer in the the Rockies was heavily influenced by my time at TASIS; the experience colored all aspects of my life for the rest of my life. I discovered a European worldview that gave me numerous opportunities to think, feel and live entirely differently that others of my generation. Our year was not just a “semester abroad” as many US universities and colleges had. It was an immersion into all aspects of European lifestyles, cultures, environments, business and economics, artistic expressions, political history, and personal, real-life experiences. Because of TASIS I lived in Europe with a girlfriend in Augsburg, a family in St Moritz, sports mates in Lugano, and classmates from across the US and world. The teachers had passion for what they taught; they befriended us, protected us, and enlightened us on so many levels that descriptions are nearly impossible to address in this brief statement. Be it said: no educational or travel experience compared, before or after. 

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