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Francesca Boggio Mesnil, Summer Programs '83-'93
Posted 05/02/2016 10:08AM

Francesca Boggio MesnilMost of my memories as a child and adolescent are linked to TASIS and I cannot begin to explain how much I used to wait for those summer months that shaped so many aspects of my life. At TASIS I learned to be independent from my family at a very early age, I learned to contribute to a community. Of course I learned English and French but also discovered I had a passion for the arts. For me, the TASIS Summer Programs felt like home, much more than the regular school I attended during the year. Walking those streets, sleeping in those dorms, and dining at Villa de Nobili made me feel so happy and proud, knowing I was at the right place.

I also believe I survived adolescence and a very tough University degree thanks to the discipline and taste for excellence that were instilled in me during those 8 weeks.

I always felt my life would be the one of a globetrotter away from home, travelling to different countries, but when I got married and had children, my husband and I had to decide where to settle. I could not see a better place than Montagnola. So now I live 300 m from campus and I am planning to send my kids to CDE next summer to begin a new cycle and give my them the same lifetime experience.

Francesca has worked as a business analyst and marketing professional for many years. She is a graduate of Bocconi University in Milan and attended exchange programs at Harvard, New York University, and London School of Economics. She now works for Executive Insight, a healthcare consultancy.


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