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Roubik Aftandilians '74
Posted 04/18/2016 11:04AM

When you think about your time at TASIS, what immediately comes to mind?
The amazing Mrs. Fleming and lasting friendships.

What was your favorite spot on campus?

I played every sport so I have to say "The Bubble", the snack bar, and of course Angelo's sandwich shop...

Tell us some of your best-loved memories.

My conversations with Mrs. Fleming during summer of 1975 when I worked at TASIS as a summer school counselor, In Program Travels, traveling to different sporting competitions.

Who were your favorite teachers?

My teachers: Kate Woodward (French), Max Page (English) and Mary Kay McClelland (American History).
My Coaches: Fernando Gonzalez (Tennis), Bob Bruno (Basketball), Karen Ballard (Volleyball), Akbar Khan (Soccer), Gus Ritson (Karate).
Other: Ewan Mirylees.
My dorm father at Giani, Robert Winer.

Describe your life today. How did your time at TASIS impact your life since graduation?

I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity to spend my final high school year at TASIS ('73-'74) as well as having been asked to work at TASIS as a summer school counselor in 1975. Though one year and one summer is a rather short time, the impact on my life has been tremendously important. TASIS and especially Mrs. Fleming had major impact on my life. Growing up, I was blessed with parents and family who always encouraged me in my studies, athletics, and anything else that I was involved with. However, receiving the same type of encouragement from individuals outside of family was a totally new and life changing experience for me. When encouragement is received from teachers, coaches and successful educators such as Mrs. Fleming, the positive impact is hundred fold.

After graduating from TASIS in June of 1974, I attended Syracuse University and received a Bachelor Degree in Architecture in 1979. In September of 1979 I began a two-year master degree program at Harvard University and received a Master of Architecture in Urban Design and Planning (MAUDP) in 1981. On February 4, 1984 I married Karineh Mirzayan, whom I met in Boston in 1981. We have two daughters; Tania, 29, is a doctor (OBGYN) and Natasha, 25, is a writer / reporter and a photographer. In June of 1984 my wife and I moved to Central New Jersey where I joined Hovbilt Inc., a large-scale residential development company as Vice President and Director of Planning. I spent the next four years designing, planning, and building multiple large-scale residential projects in New Jersey and New York State. In February of 1988 I joined a childhood friend as a partner in a fashion and sporting goods company based in Boston, MA. We moved the company to Los Angeles in October of 1988 and eventually took our company public in 1992. In 1997 I joined a textile import and printing company in Los Angeles as vice president and chief operations officer. In 2008 I was introduced to the founder and president of SOEX GROUP, a German based international textile recycling and used clothing export company with headquarters 30 miles outside of Hamburg, Germany and divisions in UAE, India and several Eastern European countries. The company had recently established its US operation and they were looking for a CEO to expand and manage the US business. I joined SOEX GROUP USA in October of 2008 as the CEO of US operations.


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