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Jake Figi '14
Posted 01/25/2016 11:25AM

When you think about your time at TASIS, what immediately comes to mind?

Ski Week—definitely one of the best weeks of the year. Sara Li's gelato every lunch.

What was your favorite spot on campus?

The hill behind the outdoor basketball courts, on the way up to Belvedere. One winter we even skied down it...I think maybe there's a new building on the hill though! [Yes, Campo Science! - Ed.] The red bench at the top of the hill along the path to Hermann Hesse's house, where you can see all of Lugano.

Tell us some of your best-loved memories.

Buying a whole tub of Sara Li's gelato and eating it on the hill with my little brother. All of the Academic Travel weeks and Ski Weeks.

Who were your favorite teachers?

Horst Dürrschmidt, Ms. El-Manadily, Ms. Sartorelli, Mr. Volpi

Describe your life today. How did your time at TASIS impact your life since graduation?

TASIS gave me a better cultural education than I think any other school could. I traveled all over with the School, but also being in Switzerland I could travel around Europe with my family as well. This is definitely the most important thing TASIS taught me. Any school can teach academics, but there are few places in the world where so many people from different backgrounds and countries come together in a place as amazing as Lugano.

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