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Soccer - Girls (V) vs. American School of Milan (ASM)

Event Type: Regular

Date: October 12, 2019

Score:TASIS 15 - 0 ASM

Event Recap:
Recap submitted by Coach Antony Shelley

Saturday’s eleven-a-side match against our old rivals AS Milan was another thumping win for the Tigers. From early in the game, a full strength TASIS team looked very much in control of the play and dominant in possession.

After two minutes Daisy Bachofen (2020) netted to take the lead with another goal from her sister Carly Bachofen (2022) two minutes after that. Daisy Bachofen (2022) went on to score a hat-trick as did Carly Bachofen (2022), and veteran striker Lucia Ugolotti (2020). It was fanatastic to see such excellent link-up play between the forwards and midfield, with excellent passing and movement and use of space on the pitch.

With a such a prolific start TASIS was able to deploy all of its bench players and try out a different formation. Further goals came from:

Alejandra Cova (2022) in the 25th and 35th minutes (rested after injury in a recent tournament); Valentina Alencar Barros (2022); midfielder Kat Robinson (2022), goalkeeper-turned-striker Emily Alvarado (2023) and Molly Siegenthaler (2021).

Team morale is high and the girls feel very positive about the upcoming SGIS Tournament at TASIS in a couple of week’s time.

The Team:

1. Airi Barnes (2020, GK)
2. Penelope Baroni (2021)
3. Zhamilya Musseibekova (2022)
4. Paloma Sanz de Santamaria Garces (2023)
5. Sofia Rita (2021)
6. Renata Sanchez Dau (2021)
7. Daisy Bachofen (2020, Captain)
8. Molly Siegenthaler (2021)
9. Lucia Ugolotti (2020)
10. Autumn Bachofen (2021)
11. Carly Bachofen (2021)

12. Kat Robinson (2022)
13. Emily Alvarado (2023)
14. Alejandra Cova (2022)
15. Valentina Alencar Barros (2022)
16. Cristina Baquero Pena (2023)
17. Ana Julia De Simone Brito Dos Santos (2021)
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