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Elementary School Theater Club Presents Workshop Performances
Posted 12/11/2020 12:00PM

The TASIS Elementary School Theater Club recorded seven original scenes in the Palmer Center on the evening of December 7. The excellent performance, which was released on the TASIS YouTube channel on December 9, can be viewed in full above. A gallery of photos can be found on the TASIS SmugMug page.

Congratulations to Co-Directors Matthew and Julie Frazier-Smith and all the members of the Elementary School Theater Club: Pietro Amabile, Isabella Badaracco, Giacomo Volpi, Arif Azimov, Chiara Amabile, Manuele Ippolito, Kevin Lin Kraemer, Ryan De Maria, Nina Garkavij, Elizaveta Trykolich, Vivienna Skrastina, Sophie Mesaric, Pilar Sokoloff, Daria Bektasheva, Ludovica Bonadonna, Emir Nasibulin, and Federico Colapietro.

The Elementary School Theater Club meets once a week for a dynamic class of theater games and interesting improvisational prompts to kickstart the students' imaginations while they work together to create original scenes. Each week the students hone their performance skills for the stage. They are encouraged to trust their imaginative instincts and assert their creative ideas while listening and responding to the creative ideas of their castmates. By problem-solving collaboratively and imagining collectively, students discover an expansive field of possibilities for creative storytelling through theatrical performance.

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