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Welcome Good Neighbors,

On behalf or the TASIS community, we are thrilled that you have accessed the electronic link between TASIS and the Montagnola Commune.  On this site you will find information related to the opportunities of the Commune to join with and utilize the resources of TASIS, and you can provide us with feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the quality of life for all of us.

Over 50 years ago, Mary Crist Fleming chose Montagnola and Colina d’Oro as the place to establish her school for many of the same reasons that you too chose to make this your home.  The natural beauty and inspiring vistas, for Mrs. Fleming, served as an idea setting for a school rooted in the classics informed by the virtues of beauty, truth, and goodness.

We are well aware that at times a school can be a difficult neighbor.  School-related traffic, noise associated with some events, and students crowding buses or walking and/or smoking in the neighborhoods are all issues that we are aware of and have taken a number of concrete actions to address.  You have seen the effects of those efforts, and you will see more to come in the future.  We care about being a good neighbor, and we are ever aware that we are teaching and working with young people who are also learning what it means to be a good and responsible neighbor.  Mistakes in judgment or action will happen, but know that our goal of being a good neighbor remains.

You will notice in the feedback box, that you may select a personal response to your email.  We will review the feedback regularly, and each note will receive a response thanking you and letting you know we received the message.  If you would like a personal response, you will see a box to indicate that wish.  Click on the box and we will respond to you directly.

Thank you again for visiting this site.  We hope that you find the information it contains helpful, and we also hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities to join us at school and community events and/or programs. 

Note: please do not request information about our academic year and summer programs through this form. To receive information about our academic year and summer programs, go to the following links:

To leave a comment or message please use the following Collina d'Oro community forum form. 


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