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Please note that due to challenges posed by the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the School will inform current TASIS families directly about any changes to the All-School calendar. 

Dining Hall Menu

Date: Thursday - April 22, 2021
Time: All Day


Leek Soup
Tomato Risotto
Fresh Eggs on a Bed of Swiss Chard
Grilled Mixed Vegetables (Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Zucchini)
Mixed Garden Salad: Leaf lettuce, Arugula and Radicchio
Ticinese Formagella Cheese with Flower Honey
Moist Chocolate Cake


Gnocchi w/Tomato + Mozzarella
Fennel Gratin
Steamed Broccoli

ES Snack Grades 2 & 3

Pop Corn

ES Snack Grades 4 & 5

Pop Corn + Quark

ES & Kindergarten Dessert


Kindergarten ASP Snack

Pop Corn

ES ASP Snack

Mandarine Oranges

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Note: TBD indicates that the details of an event are "to be determined."

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